What You Need To Know About Keeping a Spirit At Home [Part 3/4]

There’s a rising trend in millennials keeping spirts at home in the form of Thai Kumantong. They believe that the spirits will help them get rich quick and attract the opposite sex. Many rush to get them from online stores or speciality occult stores, but the lack of knowledge when dealing with such entities can lead to devastating effect. Perhaps the more important question would be – should you even keep one in the first place?

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Ajahn Jo has been a practitioner of the Thai-style spiritual craft for many years and was recommended to me by people I trust. They found him to be accurate and credible. As always, when it comes to the supernatural, there is nothing that is ever a guarantee. Enjoy this video with an open mind.

Eugene Tay is the host and author of the Supernatural Confessions series. He started this channel for others like him who are unfortunate enough to have had supernatural encounters to share their experiences.

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