Joshua C

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Please share your experiences with Ajarn Patana, I have heard many great things about this master. Are the items really good?
Ryank G


Ajarn Patana has a very high wisdom. He is not a common/typical kind of master which you see in Thailand. You can ask him any questions pertaining to your life, he will give very specific guidance. He led me out of my darkest days, just a few sentences of answers from him changed my life forever. You can never find those guidances from any Buddhist texts. He drilled all the way through my heart and he seems to know all my problems. Highly respected master.
Diana K

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Master Patana is different. He is not like other ajarns who only bother about selling you amulets. He is a great master of true magic and has wisdom. Yes, his items are very very good. 
Lionel21 J


AJ Patana only tells the truth and teaches all the truth about spirituality. I agree that you cannot find his teachings from any Buddhist books, Aj’s teachings are of very high wisdom. It can bring one to high consciousness and enlightenment.

I have Aj’s Nam man prai, I can say nothing else could supersede it. The way it works to change my entire life is hard to describe. I am grateful and appreciate that I could get it.

Kelvin81 L

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I have the first batch of ajarn’s luk kok, I have won lottery 3 times when I first adopt it. I believe my luk has helped with my career advancements. I have received his signals in my dreams especially vivid on full moon buddha’s day.
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