Need help for Windows Vista password reset
when you forgot it? No clues out there? Then read this article, there
are step-by-step tutorials on trouble-shooting this problem – how to
reset password on Windows Vista!

It is known to all that password is the very important
access to computer. If you forgot it, you may think it will be quite
complex to be reset. Actually, you may find you are wrong after you got
the following methods to reset password Windows Vista.

Method 1: You can logon to Windows Vista home premium PC with another user account.

Some people may create two or more user accounts on their PC. If
there is another user account with administrative privileges on your
Vista machine, you then can easily reset Vista password from “Computer Management”.

Step 1: Log on your Vista computer with the accessible user.

Step 2: Right-click Computer and select Manage.

Step 3: Click Local User and Groups, and then click Users. And all the accounts will be listed for you.

Step 4: Right-click target account and select Set password.

Step 5: Leave the password text field blank and click OK.

But if your computer has been already locked, that
means no other available user account can let you access to your PC,
then your only solution is to take advantage of a professional Windows
password resetting tool.

Method 2: You can reset Windows Vista password with Windows Password Recovery Enhance.

Windows Password Recovery Enhance, as a leading Windows password
resetting tool which allows you to burn a Windows password (including
XP, Vista, Win7, Windows 2000, 2003, 2008 etc.) reset disk with a blank
CD/DVD/USB and after that you can use this disk to remove or reset
Windows Vista password no matter your computer is locked or not.

Here’s how Windows Password Recovery Enhance Works:

Step1: Simple and easy download this Windows Password Recovery Enhance tool is a must-do.

Sep2: Install and launch this tool on an accessible computer.

Step3: Insert a blank and writable CD/DVD/USB to the computer and
click “Burn” button to start creating a Windows Vista password reset

Step4: Insert the burned Vista password reset disk to the target
computer and then set this PC boot from CD/DVD or USB according to
which portable device you choose.

Step5: Start to reset Windows Vista password with disk in 2 clicks of button. And in seconds laterArticle Submission, you then can freely access to your Vista machine again!

Those are all the tips for Windows Vista password reset.


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