The lights on your dash are a constant reminder for when it is time for a
maintenance visit or even an auto repair appointment. The check engine
light is an indicator to let you know that something isn’t right. When
you bring your vehicle into the shop you want to tell them when you
noticed the light, what you were doing when it came on, and how long it
has been on. This will make the process of diagnosing your concern a
little easier.

Have you noticed that your vehicle isn’t driving as well as normal? Are
you hearing a funny sound? Is your car struggling to pick up speed from a
stand still? Many times, drivability concerns go hand in hand with the
check engine light. For this reason it is important to mention these
items when you come in for an auto repair. The more specific you can be
in your description of what is happening, what it sounds like, and when
you notice the problem, the better.

Numerous Reasons:
There are thousands of reasons for a check engine light to appear. From
not tightening the gas cap to failed sensors, this is your car’s way of
telling you that something in the system isn’t operating to the
manufacturer’s standard. Because there is no way to turn the light off
on your own, the car will have to be taken to an auto repair facility.
Here the codes will be run and the problem can usually be pinpointed.

Is it safe to drive with the check engine light?
Most people see the light and worry about their vehicle. Because this
device monitors so many different things, it is important to have the
car seen and diagnosed as soon as possible. There are issues that can
cause more problems and turn into a costly auto repair bill. However, it
is usually okay to drive the vehicle to the shop. Use your better

Is there ever a time I should not drive the car with the light on?
You should never drive the vehicle if your check engine light is
flashing. Just like the lights on an emergency vehicle, this light is
flashing to let you know there is a serious problem. This is usually an
indication that a major component is failing and that your car is in
serious trouble. Instead of chancing the drive, call the auto repair
shop to arrange for a tow. You can then have the car looked at without
worrying about creating any further damage.

Cars are constantly evolving. Because of this it is important to find a
shop that is equipped with technicians that have received training and
are knowledgeable about the inner workings of today’s automotive
technology. When you bring your car in, you want to be confident that
the problem will be quickly diagnosed and solved in the hands of a
person that cares about you as a customer. Choose a service department
that you can rely on for all your automotive needs.

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